GoatHouse Brewing is a trifecta of hops, beer, and goats. All of these things are based in agriculture. Connecting people back to the land and where beer comes from is the heart of the business. We call it farm-to-tap.


Hops are one of the key components in beer. By growing thousands of hop plants and over 20 different varietals, each varietal imparts their own unique flavor profile when used freshly harvested or dried. Farm-to-tap not only encompasses growing the necessary ingredients for beer onsite, but doing so with sustainable farming practices. Companion crops naturally enrich the soil, attract good bugs, and provide consumable nitrogen (aka food) for the hops. By respecting the land and giving back to Mother Nature, she gives back to us happy plants and a healthy farm.


Beer is an agricultural product and does not magically appear in the glass, bottle, or keg. Having organic hop fields, orchards, gardens, and honey bees within 100 yards of the brewhouse encourages seasonal inspiration. There are no purees or extracts in GoatHouse beer, only real ingredients in the form nature intended. Farm-to-tap also translates into beer manufacturing to include electricity provided by solar, raw water from the ground, spent grain to feed livestock, and process wastewater repurposed to irrigate pasture land. These sustainable brewing practices, and by utilizing pristine ingredients, come through in each beer produced.


Goats are an integral part of the GoatHouse farm. Farm-to-tap takes on an additional meaning as the herd of dairy goats provide abundant milk (and cheese) for our family. The ever-expanding herd also endlessly entertain with their quirky personalities, and present an opportunity to educate people about animal husbandry, where milk comes from, cheesemaking, and 4H. The goats take on an important role in the hops by pruning and subsequently fertilizing the fields. In the Spring, after the babies arrive, Goat Yoga is intermittently offered to immerse yourself in an authentic farm experience. Last but certainly not least, is the herd protector and crowd favorite, Rory the donkey.

Tasting Room Hours

Thurs: 2:00pm - 6:00pm (ish)

Friday: 2:00pm - 6:00pm (ish)

Sat: 11:00am - 5:00pm (ish)

Sun: 11:00am - 5:00pm (ish)

* (ish) means that we'll do our best to keep the beer flowing if folks are enjoying!