I have great news! GoatHouse was named the 2nd fastest growing small and independent brewery in the US by Brewers Association. That’s #2 IN. THE. NATION. I have to brag for the owners, Cathy and Michael. I couldn’t be more proud of them! They haven’t even been in business 5 years. Also, THANK YOU. They couldn’t have pulled this off without your love for craft beer and taking pride in supporting local business! We have a special beer scene in Sacramento that I’ll miss dearly, if I ever leave.

Recommendations? My absolute favorite pour is the Big Brown. It’s not a typical Earth-tasting, bread-like brown. It’s malty with yummy chocolate notes. If they bring the Hazey Beyatch back, that’s for the double IPA lovers. The Menage, a triple Belgian with mandarin from the farm, won an award and is popular with Blue Moon fans. The Honey Baby is the ultimate light beer drinker’s choice. It’s an ale with honey from their bees. Aka local honey! The only beer that stays on the menu year-round is the Darkside, a smooth stout with vanilla notes. Honestly? They’re all good. You’re bound to find one you like. Cheers!

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